When are the lots of phase 2 going to be available for reservation, buy and construction ?

Starting April 15, we will start accepting offers for the lots awaiting final approval from the municipality of Val-des-Monts. Offers will become official around July and construction will be available to start around October-November 2021 only if the roads are completed and electricity have been installed.

What services will be available?

Bell Fibe and Air Fibe for internet access (both will be installed from the start of the project, meaning phase 1 and phase 2), Hydro-Quebec (Electricity) will be on each lot. Like all areas of Val-des-Monts, there is no water and sewer services. The owners of the lot are responsible to get a water well and sewage system. All lots have the capacity to have those services put in. All ground testing have been completed.

Are there any construction norms to follow for the project?

Yes, all norms and rules are available upon request. It includes the size of the house, materials required, environment, etc.

What are the next steps to reserve or buy a lot?

Visits are available and can be done accompanied or by yourself (Because the roads have not been yet completed, please bring along some good boots as it is rough terrain, please obtain a KMZ file that works with Google Earth for self visit). Offers can be forwarded to Realtor Johanne Fleury (Royal Lepage in Val-des-Monts), proof of financing is required and deposit of $1000 in trust to our notary until the sale goes through, possibly July-August 2021.

Is it possible to obtain financing to buy a lot?

We do not finance the lots, although it is possible to get financing of 80% of the value (including taxes) from Desjardins and Scotia Bank and possibly other. It could also be helpful to present a construction plan to get financing for self-builders.

Do you offer build houses or only lots ?

VUE Lac McGregor is a not a builder. Although there are a few general contractors on the project that could be open to take on your project. You also have the choice of finding your own or do a self-build. We can definitely assist you in your needs and refer you to the right person.

Is there a maximum delay to build?

No, you can buy the lot for building in the future. You cannot install a trailer to come and spend vacations or weekend on the lot.

Is there a private access to McGregor Lake?

No, all waterfront lots (6) with lake access in phase 1 are private and do not offer access to the lake. There is a public access approximately 1,5km from the project.

Are the streets maintained by the municipality?

Yes, Chemin du Rubis and Chemin Panorama covering the first 55 lots of the project. The municipality takes care of the roads throughout the year. School buses come and pick up children right on the project. The new roads in phase 2 will be built with the norms from Transport Quebec and the Municipality and will be maintained of by the Municipalitty once 40% is built in phase 2. Until then, the cost of snow removal will be shared between all owners of phase 2. You will have to contribute even if you have not built yet. Costs are not significant.

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